Philips Lighting Officially Becomes Signify


标题:飞利浦正式成为标志 (Image: ledcax)

Philips Lighting today announced that the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) adopted the proposal to amend the articles of association of the company to change its name from Philips Lighting N.V. to Signify N.V.

The company will start using the name Signify from May 16, 2018 and expects the change to be implemented in all the countries where it is active by the beginning of 2019. The company will continue to use the Philips brand name under the existing licensing agreement with Royal Philips.

Shareholders also approved the appointment of Eelco Blok as member of the Supervisory Board as well as the proposal to pay a dividend of EUR 1.25 per share over 2017. All other proposals made to shareholders at the AGM were also adopted.

(图像:莱德内)飞利浦今天宣布,股东周年大会(AGM)通过了修改公司章程的建议,以改变其名称从飞利浦NV表示N.V.公司将开始使用的名称表示从五月。16, 2018,预计该变化将在2019年初活跃的所有国家实施。该公司将继续使用飞利浦品牌在现有的许可协议与皇家飞利浦。股东还批准任命Eelco Blok为监事会成员,并提议支付每股1.25欧元的股息超过2017的建议。股东周年大会上对股东提出的所有其他建议也被采纳。来自百度翻译
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