Signify Lights up Schools Around the World with Its 'Light for Better Learning'



Signify announced it will light up over 90 schools around the world through its 'Light for Better Learning' campaign in celebration of UNESCO's first International Day of Light. Through this campaign the Signify Foundation improves learning opportunities for young people in on- and off-grid communities by providing lighting to schools and workshops on energy efficiency and climate change.

(Image: Signify)

We have already illuminated schools in China, Indonesia, Uganda and Morocco as part of the campaign and will extend our support to more schools around the globe in the coming year. One of our main partners is UNESCO, while we are also supported by other NGOs in the countries, fully benefitting from their local knowledge.

"On our first day as Signify, we are proud to partner with UNESCO to light up schools around the world," said Shalini Sarin, Chair of the Board of the Signify Foundation. "Providing sustainable access to light to communities that are underserved by electricity is at the heart of what we do."

On May 7, 2018, approximately 60 volunteers from Signify Indonesia shared their knowledge on climate change with 10 classes of children aged 6 to 12 of the Bani Saleh 5 Elementary School, in Bekasi, near Jakarta.

"Our students learned a lot about the various aspects of climate change through games, songs and lively discussions with the volunteers," said Sudirno, Headmaster of Bani Saleh 5. "We had a lot of fun and I want to thank all the volunteers involved. I look forward to continue working with Signify in the future."

Students need quality lighting when studying as it helps to improve their academic performance. This is why Signify retrofitted the Bani Saleh 5 with LED bulbs and gave students LED bulbs to ensure a better learning environment at home. Poor lighting can affect children's learning conditions and negatively impact their performance. Signify recognizes this and aims to improve the learning environment for students around the globe.

Signify became the new company name of Philips Lighting as of May 16, 2018.

这意味着在联合国教科文组织首次国际光日庆祝活动中,它将为世界各地的90所学校提供更多的。.通过这项运动,这个标志性的基金会通过为学校和能源效率和气候变化讲习班提供来改善青少年在校外和社区的学习机会。.(图片:意味着)我们已经说学校在中国,印度尼西亚,乌干达和摩洛哥作为运动的一部分,将扩大我们的支持,在未来一年全球范围内更多的学校.我们的主要伙伴之一是联合国教科文组织,同时我们也得到了其他国家非政府组织的支持,充分受益于当地的知识。.“在我们的第一天,我们自豪地与教科文组织合作,亮世界各地的学校,”Shalini Sarin表示,基金会董事会主席。.“为我们提供电力服务的社区提供可持续的是我们所做的工作的核心。.2018年5月7日,来自印度尼西亚的大约60名志愿者分享了他们在气候变化方面的知识,他们在雅加达附近的勿加泗的巴尼萨利赫5小学6至12岁的10个班的孩子中分享了他们的知识。.“我们的学生通过游戏、歌曲和与志愿者的热烈讨论了解了气候变化的各个方面,”Bani Saleh 5校长Sudirno说。.“我们玩得很开心,我要感谢所有志愿者。.我期待着将来继续工作。.学生在学习时需要高质量的灯光,有助于提高他们的学习成绩。.这就是为什么用LED灯泡改造BANI萨利赫5,并给予学生LED灯泡,以确保更好的学习环境在家里。.光线不足会影响儿童的学习条件,对儿童的学习产生负面影响。.认识到这一点,旨在改善全球学生的学习环境。.标志着2018年5月16日成为飞利浦的新公司名称来自百度翻译
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