DOE Releases New CALiPER Snapshot Report on Outdoor Area Lighting


The U.S. Department of Energy's CALiPER program has released a newSnapshot reporton outdoor area lighting that covers area/roadway luminaires, parking garage luminaires, and canopy luminaires. Outdoor area lighting is a major contributor to nationwide energy use, and the market segment has been an important player in the transition to solid-state lighting.

LED outdoor area lighting has been a substantial component of the LED Lighting Factsdatabase since its inception, consistently being one of the categories with the most products. As of August 29, 2016, area/roadway products alone comprised 15% of the database, with the other two product categories featured in the report comprising approximately 4%.

Among other Snapshot highlights:

  • LED outdoor area lighting products are available in a wide range of output and color characteristics, allowing the specifier to match the needs of the project.
  • At any given output level up to the equivalent of 1,000 W high-pressure sodium (about 100,000 lm delivered), LED products are available with substantially higher efficacy.
  • There is a wide range in efficacy among LED outdoor area lighting products at any given CCT.

For a closer look at the findings, download thefull report.

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