WELLMAX Introduces AERO & ROCKET Attracts Global Attention at 120th Canton Fair


Oct 15 2016,the 120th Canton Fairgot underway with grand celebration in the city of Guangzhou. After making a great hit on the Canton Fair this spring and on the International Lighting Fair in June,Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry(WELLMAX), as theLEDBulb Expert at the industry frontier, brought the company’s new star products: the high power LED bulb “Rocket” and the LED bulb “Aero” series to this 120th autumn Canton Fair.

Clients taking photos with the large-scale model at WELLMAX’s booth. (All photos courtesy of WELLMAX)

On the very first day of this Canton Fair, WELLMAX’s booth wowed the audience with a 160cm-tall high-quality Aero statue, which immediately became the highlight of the exhibition, drawing large crowds to the booth. This large scale model enables the audience to directly see the unique structural design of the Aero bulb. “Scaling the bulb 100 times bigger than its actual size is also because we are very confident in the product’s quality, and we want to show that confidence more vividly to our clients. Plus it can enhance client’s first-hand experience, really bring in the interactive aspect to the booth,” says one of the WELLMAX’s representatives. The Aero LED bulb series is a result of WELLMAX’s own R&D lab; the series use SAMSUNG LED to further optimize the performance. Aside from the Aero series, the high power super star Rocket series also quickly became a big hit on the first day. This proprietary high power good-looking product is another master piece from the WELLMAX R&D engineering team. After its global debut on the International Lighting Fair, the Rocket series has become a best-seller at mainstream markets worldwide. On this Canton Fair, you will also see the iconic, most popular series from WELLMAX, the Sunrise series, and Classic LED series designed particularly for markets with different certification requirements.

The ROCKET as one of the star product on the 120thCanton Fair.

In the booth, the unceasing influx of new and regular clients kept WELLMAX’s salespersons busy. Many of WELLMAX’s long-term client mentioned that WELLMAX is the first booth they visit at the Canton Fair, and they have always been very satisfied with WELLMAX’s products and service. Some clients said that they were drawn into the booth because of the booth design is very unique and professional. WELLMAX’s sales representative Eason told us, “I have already received eight groups of clients this morning, I feel that Canton Fair attendees are getting more and more familiar with the WELLMAX brand, and they know quite a lot about our product feature in advance.”

WELLMAX’s booth attracts clients worldwide on the first day.

WELLMAX makes the best out of the exhibition to meet new customers, reach out to their existing client base, and build a more established and reliable brand. In the meantime, they will continue to demonstrate their determination and confidence to the LED lighting industry. The WELLMAX company said they will continue to optimize product development and quality control, growtogether with their clients.

For further details please see:http://www.wellmaxgroup.com/

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